Story of my life dealing with stingy sister

Here, It’s me again.

A little girl who has a broken family. Oops, what did I say?
Oh yes! She has a broken family since her mom died from suffering Leukemia.

When was it? When she was 10 years old. Yes, very young, unstable, and crazy.
It’s been 6 years now, but she never gets used to it, not even once.
She’s still burning on fire till today.
Moreover, she has a nice dirty messy small house that fits with strangers who lived there.
We’re really poor. Yeah.
I’d rather call them strangers, they’re brothers, dad, stepmom (i will tell you later) and sister.
Who’s gonna be the first one?
Yes! My sister.
So now I’ve been living in the dormitory because I get full scholarship on a prestigious boarding high school in my town. It’s nice, right? Well, uh, not really… (I will tell you why later)
But when it comes to holiday, I need to go back to home which is a terrible idea ever because I have no room to sleep or just for being alone.
I am not kidding, you read it correctly. My house has 3 rooms. 1 room for dad and that woman, 1 room for 3 brothers, and one other room for a sister. Yeah, you might wonder that I need to stay with my sister.
Wait till you see her. No, she’s not stingy. She’s more than stingy!
I don’t know why she has to become so mean even since my mom was still alive.
I’m not saying this because I just hate her like other people relationship with their siblings. But this is based on observations and experiences.
When she was in high school when I was 8 or 9, her phone was broken, and she wanted to have the new one but my mom didn’t have money to afford that. And you know what she did? She was really mad and she locked herself in her room (she even already had a room since junior high school. Wow.) and didn’t talk for a week. She even stitched the whole walls of her room with all complaints she had in her mind, and I was like “why can’t this girl be grateful?”. I didn’t even get a room, I slept with my parents, and I didn’t even have a fucking phone. No never.
So my mom ended up selling her necklace or something so that she would be able to buy her a phone. Sony was the brand of the phone, I remembered. It was before android and apple or blackberry was popular in my town.

I remember a time when she said the past is in the past and we need to move forward to change. I remembered in the past when I was still in primary school, she was the one who showed me pornography videos and sexting. I know! It’s crazy! But she seemed forgot about it, well, I don’t know.
I don’t feel like to talk about it anyway. So I think it was nice that she’s going to change. I mean treating your parents that way wasn’t a great idea. She often yelled and scream to my mom, and well perhaps I guess it hurt my mom’s feelings.
I hoped that she would change like she would treat dad well. But she’s even become more worst than ever. Is she a human? I don’t know. She really likes yelling and screaming, treating people like a dirt.
She’s working in a hospital now, as an Apotheker assistant. She makes money, what a great job.
She’s working for 3 years (?) I don’t know. She’s spending money on make ups, clothes, laptops, anything she wanted for so long.
And my dad has to drive her to her workplace every single day. Well, it’s not a big deal, but young lady, excuse me, you need to treat him well.
He’s an old man. OH, forget to tell you that if my brothers and dad are heavy smokers. Welcome to the party to get lung cancers.


Okay, you might wonder why I decided to write this, which I don’t really have a skill on both writing and grammar.
So this is holidays. First night at home. I was so tired, and I wanted to sleep in my sister’s room which always locked with lots of extra security preventing people from coming in.
I said may I sleep with you? I didn’t hear what she was saying because she’s like mumbling.
I heard my dad said “please let her sleeping in your room” but she just yelled at him and made annoying sounds ever (which has become a habit since she was in junior high school) of disagreement.
I waited for 2 hours and told myself over and over again to be strong, and finally knocked the door like the 4th time.
I couldn’t hear what she said because she was too angry to say words clearly. So okay, I’m not gonna sleep tonight and I am hungry. Welcome to a perfect vacation buddy.

I don’t know how many viewers this writing will make, which I guess only 2 or 3, but it’s okay.
I don’t think I deserve it anyway.
But you know, don’t feel pity, I have a faith within me, and I do believe in universal laws, I learn about them. Tho it’s hard to find the good videos of that because universal laws usually known by elder people whose videos are not interesting and sound really creepy and mysterious.

This is not the end. I am 16, simply small, mad, insane, lonely, whatever.
This is just a beginning.

I believe something good will happen and change my life forever.

I believe that way.
Hey, thanks for listening anyway.



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